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Hi, I'm a piano teacher, composer, and pianist in Los Altos, CA.


From a very young age, I felt captivated and enchanted by music—becoming especially fascinated by the sound of the piano. Born in Israel, I grew up in a very diverse musical environment. In addition to studying Classical music, I was exposed to a multitude of musical idioms as manifested in Ladino Romanceros, Balkan and Russian folk songs, and more.


Absorbing this variety of styles shaped my future musical perception and understanding. The multilingual milieu in which I was raised triggered in me a keen interest in languages, their structure, and how language and music interact. 


I pursued piano studies with distinguished teachers throughout my childhood, further progressing during my youth under the tutelage of Ms. Ylda Novik and Prof. Yonatan Zak. After graduating from high school, I continued Piano Performance studies at Tel Aviv University under Walter Aufhauser and Piano Pedagogy under Profs. Arie Vardi and Alexander Volkov. 

I hold a Master of Music degree in Piano Performance, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Piano Performance and Pedagogy, as well as a Bachelor's degree in French Language and Linguistics with an emphasis on Language Acquisition.  


I began teaching piano during my undergraduate years, exploring and developing different methods of instruction. Teaching at various music schools, as well as at my own private studio, provided me with valuable experience with students of different capabilities and backgrounds.  


Alongside teaching, I continued to perform and participate in recitals, masterclasses, and piano competitions. A very memorable experience was the masterclass by the renowned Menahem Pressler for whom I was privileged to perform.  

While cultivating a vibrant studio and preparing students for various musical events and evaluations, I have also enjoyed studying music composition with Bay Area Composers I’lana Cotton and Nancy Bloomer-Deussen. I was especially interested in exploring the fusion of Eastern and Western musical elements in my writing. Several of my compositions won awards and recognition and were performed at various concerts and events.


2002 - Present

Music Teacher's Association of California (MTAC), Palo Alto

CM Branch Honors Recital Chair, 2015 - 2020

Rabinowitch Competition Committee, 2013 - 2015​

Director,  2012 - 2013

President, 2009 - 2012

Board Member, 2003 - 2009

Member, 2002 - present

2013 - Present

Music Teachers National Association (MTNA), Santa Clara

Member, 2013 - present

2013 - Present

California Association of Professional Music Teachers (CAPMT), Santa Clara

Member, 2013 - present

2004 - Present

Fortnightly Music Club, Palo Alto

Member, 2004 - present

2002 - Present

National Association of Composers USA (NACUSA), San Francisco

Member, 2002 - present

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