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Piano Studio & Piano Lessons

More about what we accomplish at the piano studio—and how we do it.


- Studio Mission -




Work Ethic

Students will progress through levels of a structured program to develop musicianship and pianistic technical skills. 

Students will acquire sensitivity to tone, phrasing, musical nuances, and style; and learn to express themselves artistically.

Participation in regular group activities will hone performance, listening and music appreciation skills.  

This course of study will foster dedication, perseverance, commitment, strong work ethic, and confidence.

- About the Studio -

Teaching piano is a lifelong passion for me, a medium through which I can combine my love of music and piano playing with educating, nurturing, and creating meaningful connections.


For the students and families of my studio, piano study is an integral part of education: an acquisition of a language. My students come from a variety of backgrounds, each bringing to the studio a special value as an individual and contributing to its multicultural atmosphere.

In addition to piano studies, many of the students are seriously involved in diverse fields of interest, participating in activities such as robotics championships, computer coding projects, math Olympiads, and Chess tournaments. Some explore another musical instrument while others are passionate about creative writing, theater, or ballet. 

Through the studio’s regular workshops and performance opportunities, a community is formed in which students grow and thrive from a young age until their graduation.

As alumni go on to pursue their professional and academic callings in college (my students have gone on to attend Harvard, Carnegie Mellon, Duke, Dartmouth, to name a few), many remain involved with classical music and piano playing alongside their chosen major. Some continue to further their education in piano or composition while participating and leading in musical activities.


Alumni continue to maintain a strong connection with me after graduating, coming to visit and sharing their new experiences. 

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